Best of Show

We had three team members covering—myself on the live blog, Karl on Twitter and Jan on Instagram. Even though the show was smaller for the new hotel debut, it still felt huge. I’d say, we covered half the show. We missed some great sounding rooms. 

So, if your room was not mentioned across our social media channels or in this Best of list, apologies. The good news, the show had record numbers of visitors and the cream of the audio press. Hope your efforts were acknowledged. 

A big thank you to all the exhibitors for supporting our avocation so professionally and artistically.


Honourable mentions. 

All rooms were chosen by all three team members. It was interesting how each of us chose these rooms while visiting them independently. 

We heard superb sounds from the following rooms. They featured system and room synergy, played music, yet pressed all the right  audiophile buttons. 

Bryston (full Bryston six channel amplification system, digital with speakers—very musical). 

Alta Audio/VPI/Krell (new Alta Alec loudspeakers fed by Krell and superb VPI 40th Anniversary Turntable and Audio Technica ART 1000 mc cart—room was packed; more great musicality; a wonderful new speaker for $10,000 ).

Trenner & Friedl/Mactone/Clearaudio (I loved the angled, $8000 T&F speakers).

Innuos/YG Acoustics (so refined, so dynamic—look for an Innuos Statement review soon). 

Best Budget Sound

Easy. Wharfedale Linton Loudspeakers. $1500 for outstanding, vibrant sound. Metal stands included! 

Best Sound of Show

Well Pleased AV room featuring Vinnie Rossi’s new Integrated Amplifier, Innuos streaming, QLN Prestige Three Loudspeakers, Swiss Cables and Giggawatt power conditioning. 

This was the first choice by each of us. A musical oasis. We visited three times. The new Vilde Frang violin recording was incredibly lifelike, with wonderful transparency and superb bow and rosin timbres. Fantastic digital. Source was Qobuz HiRes. 

The room was always full and was set up beautifully. This is where we first experienced just how good the new hotel rooms sounded.



  1. Sensational room, one of the best soundstages and imaging ever at a show, I just wanted to stay and listen to music, congratulations Mark and Vinnie!

  2. The Lintons are outstanding for the price!


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